Express Design

Get design off your mind and into your project today!

A revolutionary new way to get stunning whole-home hard-surface designs quickly and affordably! These PRE-DESIGNED palettes save thousands of dollars by avoiding costly mistakes, overpaying for materials and saving you valuable time!

Personally crafted by award-winning designer Kelly Heaps, these palettes practically pay their own way by using smart material selections, rapid design solutions and meticulously crafted colorways. Whether your project is Modern, Coastal, Mountain, Classic, Farmhouse, Boho or beyond, our transitional designs are sure to make your design work easier and more fun!

● Pre-Designed whole-home material and color selections that are harmoniously and precisely created by Kelly to evoke a particular look and feel that will turn any home into a showplace. It’s not the cost of the materials used that make a project amazing, it’s the execution and manipulation of them that wins the day.

● Time with Kelly and her team! Use your allotted time for things like reviewing your project, desired palette adjustments, style or advice. We’re excited to hear from you and help make your project a success!

● Digital Design Board – See the palette like a professional designer, in one place, working together to create the look and feel you love.

● Shopping Guide – Now you get to shop like the pros. Don’t run all over town trying to find what you’re looking for, just click the link then hunt out your best pricing!

● Style Guide – Kelly’s go-to guide for affordable classic looks.

● Design Guide – We thought it would be helpful for you to know… What Kelly would do with this palette. So she created suggested design for each package. Now you don’t have to worry about what to do with all the materials and colors, keeping the experience stress free!

Turn your dreams into reality!

Now you have the power of a professional design team in your corner and we have already handled the heavy lifting for you! While TV shows may make this process look easy, the reality is, it is not. Kelly understands! She has successfully designed literally hundreds of homes in all price ranges. The goal of Express Design is to give you peace of mind, assist in raising your property’s value and save you valuable time.

Harness the power of Express Design today and see amazing results tomorrow!