Kelly heaps


Kelly Heaps is an expert in delivering stunningly fresh and stress-free designs. Her award-winning career spans 20 years and over a 100 million in real estate value. She is keenly aware of what it takes to create a luxurious home with livable style.

Her impeccable eye for design and in-depth knowledge of project management differentiates her from others in her field. Kelly specializes in hard surface design which is all elements you can see in a home before you add in furniture, textiles and throw pillows. Kelly’s Pacific Northwest roots provide her a unique perspective on the challenges of the region when selecting materials required to “bulletproof” a client’s home for pets, children and entertaining. Her practical approach to luxurious designs provides her clients with a high-end look crafted to last.

Her new book, “Power Palettes” is the ultimate hard surface design guide for anyone looking to renovate, flip or build a new home.